Protein SubCellular Localization Resource

An exploratory web portal into subcellular location of proteins.

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Knowledge of the subcellular localization of proteins is essential to understand protein functions and networks. Here we developed a mass spectrometry and bioinformatics pipeline to generate a proteome wide resource of protein localization (Orre et al., XX 2017). The resource contains localization data from five different cell lines, covering proteins mapping to 12 418 genes. The analysis classify proteins with high accuracy into cytosolic, nuclear, secretory and mitochondrial locations and further into specific subcellular compartments. Proteome wide subcellular information provides a valuable data layer in analysis of protein complexes, domain and variant driven protein localization. Via this portal the data published in Orre et al. is made available via several tools and for easy down load. Feel free to dive into subcellular proteome. To make most out of the resource we recommend to read the related publication, and please refer to the original publication when using the data.


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Project members

  • Taner Aslan
  • Lukas Orre
  • Rui Mamede Branca
  • Yafeng Zhu
  • Yanbo Pan
  • Oliver Frings
  • Erik Fredlund


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Our group engages in developing mass spectrometry based methods to improve the depth of proteome analysis. Additionally, we apply multilayer bioinformatic analyses to examine the proteome in the context of the genome and transcriptome. Interpreting multilevel “omics” data provides an understanding of how genome aberrations impact the proteome. We apply this understanding to identify biomarkers which aid in selecting the most effective therapies for cancer patients.